Rear Frame End Bar for NB from Kenauto - Japan

Ken Auto integrates the know-how of motorsports and strengthens the rear body rigidity of the MX-5 NB model. With this brace you control torsion and warping of the MX-5 NA model, the goal to regain original accurate suspension movement.

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Cooling System Parts by I.L. Motorsport

Take a "cool" look at our selected parts by I.L.Motorsport
radiators, fans, hoses, waterpumps....
here you will find everything the engine heart desires
at a nice price and high quality

---Individual & Cult--- Made in Japan

We are proud to show you the parts of our partner KGWorks from Japan.
Absolutely cult! The ultimate and legendary productrange gives your car the unique and vintage retro style
of the sixties.

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